Marketing Help

For business owners who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their marketing results—and you can’t figure out what’s missing?

It doesn’t matter what marketing you need help with
— sales letters, emails, web pages, etc.
— and it doesn’t matter what you sell, or how much you sell it for either.

The only thing I specialize in is getting people results.

—I’d love to share with you ways to get brain-rattling results from your marketing…

Need some quick answers to tough questions?
Call me now because…

Here’s an affordable way
to get my advice whenever you need it . . .
Discover my special marketing consultation service.

By the way, not every project is a huge one.

Many times you don’t need me to write or create a complete direct mail package, ad, or other piece. All you may want is a little advice, another point of view, a couple of headlines . . . whatever.

That’s why I’m providing a limited amount of consultation using fax, phone, e-mail, and overnight delivery service, billable on an hourly basis.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Give me a call at (248) 335-8080 and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish. No charge.
  2. If you’ve got something I need to see, fax it to me at (248) 335-8766 or send it to me via overnight delivery, U.S. Mail (email for my address), or e-mail (sb @ sandybarris (dot) com) No charge for this review.
  3. I’ll call you back promptly with a firm quote so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to invest. No surprises. If you want me to help you you’ll get guaranteed fast turnaround time.
  4. Your satisfaction is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. If you don’t feel I’ve added tremendous value, you don’t pay a penny!

The cost of this service? Far less than you’d ever dream! As I mentioned, you get a rock-solid quote before I do anything. And quite frankly, this service is only appropriate if you need just an hour or two of my help.

When does my hourly-rate consultation service make sense?
When you have a sales letter, direct mail package, ad, flyer, website, email campaign or any other marketing piece that needs a quick revision, headline, tightening, or second opinion. I’d be happy to review your current marketing and share with you a bunch of ways to make it even more responsive. I can write a dozen terrific headlines, provide the perfect offer, a stronger call to action you name it!

In other words you can put me on your team whenever you need me without retainers, commitments, or hassles — satisfaction guaranteed.

Here’s what you need to do right now… Consider this a personal invitation to pick up the phone and call me at (248) 335-8080

Let’s get your marketing working more profitably, OK?

Call me now, while it’s fresh on your mind…


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