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New-Fast Marketing Plan Calendar Review by John Hunt

John Hunt, the creator of the “Do-It Yourself  Marketing Handbook System” released the following review of the New Marketing Plan & Calendar Creation tool. Check it out and sign up below for your $1, 21-day, no-obligation trial of Fast Marketing … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur’s Toolbox to Help You to Market Your Business

An “Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” includes things that must be within the prospective entrepreneur’s very person but also; external tools, vision, and self-trust. Continue reading

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Will Your Marketing Battle Plan Survive First Contact With Your Competitors?

Marketing plans, advertising efforts, marketing calendars, logos and branding – even our products, services and ideas, themselves – are our weapons. And, collectively, we are always trying our best to make sure that our weapons and stratagem are bigger, better and stronger than those of our ‘enemies’.
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