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Are YOU hurting your business?

It’s a tough question. One of the most significant factors in causing a business to fail is creating the product/service first, and the market (the need for the product/service) second. This is the opposite of what many people think needs … Continue reading

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What prevents You from doing power research?

What prevents business owners from using research is quite often a case of misplaced ego. Most business owners are entrepreneurs or small businesses. They tend to hold strong opinions (from experience or not) of what will or won’t work. Many are … Continue reading

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Three Revealing Tips To Writing Profitable Ads?

Swipe and use the tested headlines from the most popular publications. Publications like: The National Enquirer, People, Sports Illustrated and Games. Continue reading

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What “Big News” do you use to promote your business?

Is there a big event happening locally, regionally, statewide, nationally or even internationally that you could associate your business with? I am always consid­ering how newsworthy events can be incorporated into my marketing. Continue reading

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Is Time Really Your Most Valuable Asset?

The way we manage our time is one factor that can make a significant difference in our suc­cess. Continue reading

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Scientific Advertising Chapters 20 – 21

Claude Hopkins ”Perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind to ever walk the planet. He took the principles we all use to catapult our businesses to new heights. The difference is we are using technology, while he used the pen and paper. He was a mastermind marketer and one of the world’s most savvy advertisers. Everyone can learn a million lessons from reading and re-reading Scientific Advertising.
Continue reading

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Is it my ego, or is it me?

Is it my ego, or is it me… I don’t know which it could be… In 1973, I had some friends who started a rock and roll band and wrote the line above for a song with the same title. … Continue reading

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How Organized Is Your Marketing?

When will you gather all of your experience, education, and advice and decide what you will do to grow your business using effective marketing plans and marketing calendars Continue reading

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Do You Need A “Kick-In-The-Butt”

Find an advisor whom you trust to keep you motivated and on track toward reaching your business goals. This should be someone who is willing (and has the “authority”) to get you moving. If you need someone to help motivate you, give me a call. I will be happy to give you a motivational push. Continue reading

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Twenty-One Days or Bust…

21 days and the knowledge you just learned is gone, unless you use what you learned. Knowledge is power. Continue reading

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How To Reproduce and Repurpose Your Profitable Marketing Ideas

Have you run newspapers and magazines ads? How about blog posts? Are there any articles that have been written about you, about your business, or about your products and services? People may be impressed when these articles and ads run the first time, but how many of them are ever seen again by the public?
Continue reading

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Devil Lives in the Detail; Be Kind to the Deadline

So you have your marketing plan, marketing calendar, marketing ideas, and, hopefully, marketing yourself, advertising plan together and a punctual person to hire. You are well on your way to having the foundation to a successful way to market you and your business. Continue reading

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