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Will the wrong list will kill even the best marketing?

You can write the perfect headline, opening paragraph and subheads. Make the perfect offer. Make it to the wrong list and the chances of it working are slim or none. Continue reading

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Losing Clients Suck, Right?

Why Did You Lose Your Last Ten Clients? Continue reading

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Secret Covert Marketing

Why it’s important that your marketing reach your future clients privately? Discover Secret Covert Marketing Continue reading

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10 More Simple, Effective And Affordable Marketing Solutions For Sales Professionals

e ten additional marketing ideas promise to help jump start your marketing and help you get everything you can out of all you’ve got… Continue reading

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Three Revealing Tips To Writing Profitable Ads?

Swipe and use the tested headlines from the most popular publications. Publications like: The National Enquirer, People, Sports Illustrated and Games. Continue reading

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Sales Calls On Fire Demo Ready and…

The Personal Sales Motivation and Metrics Mobile App for Sales and Marketing Professionals.
Calls On Fire will help millions of Sales and Marketing Professionals keep track of their personal sales activity/behavior and goals progress in real-time and positively motivate each one to reach their goals without all the typical confusion and frustration of using existing CRM tools.

Continue reading

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“Thank You”

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.-Ralph Waldo Emerson Actually, for me, simply waking up in the morning knowing family, friends and colleagues are close by, watching my back and motivating me … Continue reading

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What Is And How Can Stealth Marketing Be Your Most Profitable Marketing…

How important is it to you that your marketing efforts reach your customers privately so that your competition has no idea what you are doing? Continue reading

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Scientific Advertising Chapters 20 – 21

Claude Hopkins ”Perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind to ever walk the planet. He took the principles we all use to catapult our businesses to new heights. The difference is we are using technology, while he used the pen and paper. He was a mastermind marketer and one of the world’s most savvy advertisers. Everyone can learn a million lessons from reading and re-reading Scientific Advertising.
Continue reading

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How Organized Is Your Marketing?

When will you gather all of your experience, education, and advice and decide what you will do to grow your business using effective marketing plans and marketing calendars Continue reading

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How To Reproduce and Repurpose Your Profitable Marketing Ideas

Have you run newspapers and magazines ads? How about blog posts? Are there any articles that have been written about you, about your business, or about your products and services? People may be impressed when these articles and ads run the first time, but how many of them are ever seen again by the public?
Continue reading

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“How to Get Your Business To Setup A Marketing Calendar”

Well, there are marketing calendars available that are made to fit your particular marketing plan. There are also marketing calendars out there that are easy-to-use yet, very in-depth at the same time. And, there are marketing calendars that are positive in both of those ways and, that get it right the first time!
Continue reading

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