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Will the wrong list will kill even the best marketing?

You can write the perfect headline, opening paragraph and subheads. Make the perfect offer. Make it to the wrong list and the chances of it working are slim or none. Continue reading

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What “Big News” do you use to promote your business?

Is there a big event happening locally, regionally, statewide, nationally or even internationally that you could associate your business with? I am always consid­ering how newsworthy events can be incorporated into my marketing. Continue reading

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Is Time Really Your Most Valuable Asset?

The way we manage our time is one factor that can make a significant difference in our suc­cess. Continue reading

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Who Will Buy Your Professional Services?

Discover exactly who will want to buy your professional services.
What the perfect future client will be. How to get to your perfect future client. And, a few simple marketing strategies and tactics and why the CXO can be your biggest help.
Continue reading

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Secret No. 31: Creating YOUR Top 10 List To Help You Sell More Of Your…

Whats on your top 10 list. Continue reading

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Secret No. 13: How Much Information Do You Have?

How Much Information Do You Have? The first time that I really became aware of the vast array of information available to me for use in marketing my clients’ businesses, it blew me away. One of the best sources of … Continue reading

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Secret No. 6: What Is The Most Important And Valuable Asset That Your Business Has?

Is it the beautiful building in which you are located? Is it the money that you have in your business account at the bank? Is it all of the products on your merchandising shelves? Is it the stock in your … Continue reading

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