Will the wrong list will kill even the best marketing?

Ok, so you’ve hired a great copywriter to create a great message.

You distributed your message out and nothing.Wrong list equals marketing failure.
No response, except a few unqualified folks.
You ask yourself, what happened?
What went south?

Look at your list.

Was it laser targeted to proven buyers?

Marketing to people who will never buy your product/service is the biggest mistake most Marketing to people who will never buy your product/service is the biggest mistake most businesses make.

I’ve a client who sells door repair services. Fixes and repair many garage doors. Before hiring me he did a direct response mailing campaign and was terribly frustrated. Didn’t get a single call.

So I had him pull his list and go for a ride. As we approached the neighborhood he mailed to he noticed something strikingly wrong.

Turns out only one of five houses had a garage and many of those had cars on blocks in front of the garage. He started to realize why the mailing didn’t work. We drove more and saw more of the same. Finally, we hit a street on the list with a garage on almost every home. But these home where not in the best of shape, again, the reason for a low response.

Targeting the wrong neighborhood. Those folks are highly unlikely to spend money they barley have.

We bought a list in a much higher income bracket neighborhood. A list with 2-5 parking spots in each garage on each home. And viola. A response, a damn good response. A response that easily paid for the marketing campaign and the backend, repeat business will end up being very good.

How targeted and good are the lists you are marketing too?

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