How To Make Your Mind Grabber Statement Work For You!

Mind Grabber StatementYou’re probably wondering,
“What the hell is a Mind Grabber Statement”, right?

Well, a mind grabber is an overall business marketing concept. 

It’s the ethics of your business, a mission statement, but it’s also what you are offering in a tight sentence.

A mind grabber statement is the benefits of doing business with you and also describes what’s in it for your client.

The “Reasons Why” they should do and believe what you promise.

It Cuts Through Other Marketing Messages.

Is Clear, Simple, Short & Immediate.

Simply answers these four questions to create your Mind Grabber Statement”. By the way, they are silently being asked by every one of your clients, customers, patients and prospects: 

1) Here’s what we’re trying to sell you;

2) This is how much it will cost you;

3) Here’s why you should trust us;

4) And this is what’s in it for you.

And finally, here’s an offer so great that you’d be a fool to pass it up.

Now, what’s your mind grabber statement?

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