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Why, Why, Why This Marketing Blog?

Why, Why, Why? Because displayed on your computer screen is a combination of science, art, and common sense. Yes, the subject of marketing has been covered before from many angles by professors, millionaires, self-styled experts, assholes and “gurus.” I also … Continue reading

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#1 Dangerous Marketing Trend – Me-Me-Me…

“I can do it myself” said the frustrated business owner. Let’s face it, it’s hard for a business owner to give up a responsibility in his/her business for fear of it not being completed or a variation of staggering reasons. … Continue reading

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“I’m Voting For YOU”…

The alarm went off today, November 4th (voting day) at 6:30am. The sun was shining through the window making the fall leaves glow beautifully. Did the routine three S’s, read a bit and off I went. This morning wasn’t much … Continue reading

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