“I’m Voting For YOU”…

The alarm went off today, November 4th (voting day) at 6:30am.
The sun was shining through the window making the fall leaves glow beautifully.
Did the routine three S’s, read a bit and off I went.

This morning wasn’t much different then any other morning.

Except for voting…
Now, I made it to the polls by 7:45am and was out by 8:20am
Small voting district. Short lines.
Saw a neighbor that I had not seen in a while.
Got the latest neighborhood news.
Births. Deaths.
You know what I’m talking about.

While standing in line to vote, it hit me.

“We vote every day of our lives”

We vote for cereal or eggs.
We vote to work or goof off.
We vote to prospect or not.
We vote on who we want to see that day
We vote on what projects to work on
We vote to hit the enter key
Who to work with
What route to take home
On and on and on.

Every decision we decide is a vote.
A choice to move forward, stay the same or move backwards.

Besides all the political candidiates, what did you vote for today?

Here are a few quick voting ideas.

  • Vote for your family members success.
    Give them praise for anyting well done and you will help them grow even stronger
  • Vote for your client’s success.
    Do everything in your power to help them succeed and you will succeed.
  • Vote for doing something. Anything.
    Nothing happens until something moves. Get the pendulum moving, momentum makes things easier.
  • Vote for YOURSELF.
    Forge you own path and be willing to stand alone because your life in no way depends on what others think, say or do.
  • Vote for Forgiveness.
    Forgive yourself and others for honest mistakes of the past.

What will you decide today that will change someone life?

Happy Marketing
Sandy Barris
Business Marketing Services
Author of ’97 Marketing Secrets to Make
More Money: Your Secret Guide to Growing
Your Business”

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