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Sales Calls On Fire Demo Ready and…

The Personal Sales Motivation and Metrics Mobile App for Sales and Marketing Professionals.
Calls On Fire will help millions of Sales and Marketing Professionals keep track of their personal sales activity/behavior and goals progress in real-time and positively motivate each one to reach their goals without all the typical confusion and frustration of using existing CRM tools.

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Secret No. 34: Do You Have Attitude?

Does your business communicate a positive attitude? Do you have a written “Mission Statement” that explains what your business is about? Does this statement represent the vision, purpose, and aspirations that your business communicates to the world? More importantly, do … Continue reading

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Secret No. 33: How Passionate Are You?

Be passionate about your business. It will catch on fire. Continue reading

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Why, Why, Why This Marketing Blog?

Why, Why, Why? Because displayed on your computer screen is a combination of science, art, and common sense. Yes, the subject of marketing has been covered before from many angles by professors, millionaires, self-styled experts, assholes and “gurus.” I also … Continue reading

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“I’m Voting For YOU”…

The alarm went off today, November 4th (voting day) at 6:30am. The sun was shining through the window making the fall leaves glow beautifully. Did the routine three S’s, read a bit and off I went. This morning wasn’t much … Continue reading

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