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The Dangerous Marketing Trend – Me-Me-Me…

“I can do it myself,” said the frustrated business owner. Let’s face it, it’s hard for a business owner to give up a responsibility in his/her business for fear of it not being completed or a variation of staggering reasons. … Continue reading

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How to Get More Client Referrals

Why is it that some clients, customers and patience shout your name, business name and successes at the top of their lungs? And other barely squeaks the same praise? What would happen to your business if you could get more people screaming … Continue reading

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What can you name in life that lasts forever?

Not much? That’s exactly why all your marketing efforts should have some type of expiration date. A limited offer will “out-pull” and “out-sell” an open-ended offer almost every time. When you use a “limited offer,” you will need to explain … Continue reading

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Testing is the heart and soul of direct response marketing…

Yes…Testing is the heart and soul of direct marketing. As a direct marketer (that’s you) you must follow certain guidelines in order to get good results. Here are the nine guidelines, rules, and suggestions to get the most out of … Continue reading

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Your New Year Marketing Checkup Checklist. 9 Quick Tips…

Here are 9 Quick Tips checklist to help you get your 2019 marketing program off to a clean start. Quick Tip #1. Update your Copyright notice on your website and info products. Quick Tip #2. Check your opt-in forms to be … Continue reading

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Will the wrong list will kill even the best marketing?

You can write the perfect headline, opening paragraph and subheads. Make the perfect offer. Make it to the wrong list and the chances of it working are slim or none. Continue reading

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How To Make Your Mind Grabber Statement Work For You!

You’re probably wondering, “What the hell is a Mind Grabber Statement”, right? Well, a mind grabber is an overall business marketing concept.  It’s the ethics of your business, a mission statement, but it’s also what you are offering in a tight … Continue reading

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Get ready to conduct surveys to help grow your business.

One of the most overlooked Marketing Tools is to Conduct Surveys. First, it gives you a better idea what your Prospects, Clients and Patients are thinking and wanting. It also helps you discover their likes and dislikes and what they want … Continue reading

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Do You Hate Voice Mail Too?

How Many Times Have You Hung Up The Phone  Because You Were Put Into Voice Mail? I’m sure that you’ve made a call and been forced to listen to the following recorded message: “Your call is important to us. Please … Continue reading

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Losing Clients Suck, Right?

Why Did You Lose Your Last Ten Clients? Continue reading

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Secret Covert Marketing

Why it’s important that your marketing reach your future clients privately? Discover Secret Covert Marketing Continue reading

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What Business Is It Of Yours?

Are you really in the business of marketing and selling whatever it is that you sell? Or did you just create yourself a job with a lunatic as a boss? Continue reading

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