What can you name in life that lasts forever?

Not much?

That’s exactly why all your marketing efforts should have some type of expiration date.Basic CMYK

A limited offer will “out-pull” and “out-sell” an open-ended offer almost every time.

When you use a “limited offer,” you will need to explain to your client/prospect why you are making your offer “limited.”

For example:

“Quantities are limited. We only have 132 units in stock and the manufacturer is back-ordered.”

Or “Call today. We have sold 3 in the last two days, and we only have 7 units left.”

Or “We made a special purchase and can’t offer this price again.” 

People will want to know why what you are offering is limited, or they will not believe that there truly is a limitation. You need to give them this information.

Keep in mind that nothing is forever, everything has a limit and you can use those limits to your selling advantage.

When your offer is known to be limited, it will force people to respond or lose the opportunity, and people will do almost anything to avoid loss.

Limits force a decision and that is the ultimate goal of any marketing effort.

What kind of limit will you set for your next offer?

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