How to Get More Client Referrals

Why is it that some clients, customers and patience shout your name, business name and successes at the top of their lungs? And other barely squeaks the same praise?

What would happen to your business if you could get more people screaming your name from the rooftops, the Internet and around the world?

Here are three ways to get the people who know and love you to shout your name to the world.

Thank-You-For-your-referralsThe first, this probably does not need to be said, but I will.
You must deliver an exceptional product or service or a combination of both. Your product or service must be better then all the other options available, including the option of doing nothing.

When you do deliver a great product or service, what are you doing to let your clients know that it is, in fact, the best available and he/she made a wise decision to choose you?

Let’s face it; it all comes down to what you deliver before, during and after delivery. Every step is critical and one flaw can cause your client to not shout your praises.

Next, Are you asking your clients for a shout out?


Because the reason most of us do not get regular referrals is because we do not ask for them. If you do not ask, you will not receive.  I once heard some ware that 20% of clients will give you referrals without asking. Another 20% will never give you a referral. It’s not how they are wired. For the remaining 60% you have to ask for referrals

Let’s look at a few numbers. We have 100 clients. 20% of our clients give us two referrals a year, without asking. Nice that’s 40 referrals. Now we close 10 of them.

Okay, let’s look at the 60%, if we could get 20% of them to refer 2 future clients, that’s another 40. Again, we close 10 of them.

Ask yourself this. How much profits will be added to my bottom line from 80 new clients?

Now ask yourself if you can afford not to start asking this one simple question, “Who do you know, that you care enough about to introduce me, so I can help them like I have helped you?”

Finally, would you be surprised if I told you that the majority of your clients would be happy to endorse you. To shout about you on their website, in their newsletter or by mailing letters to their clients?  They would, but again you have to ask.

Or even better, invite them out to lunch and ask your client if it would be OK if you sent a letter. A letter to some of your clients telling them about your client’s product and service and how it would be profitable to meet each other. No obligation. Just want to help.

What happens next, you mail the letter, some of your clients call your client and start doing business together. Now, the client who you promoted calls you up and offers to return the favor. Wants to shout your name to his clients. Wants to recommend you. It’s human nature. People love to help. Reciprocity kicks in.

Any ideas floating around now?
Write them down and kick them into action.

Soon enough, your clients will be shouting your name from the roof tops.

Bonus Referral Idea.

Wouldn’t “pre-conditioning” your current client, make it a lot easier to get referrals from them? Try this. Educate your clients, early in your relationship to the fact that your business grows and survives on referrals and that you’re very happy about that.

Then explain exactly how everyone will win. Explain to them that referrals are yet another reason they’ll always be guaranteed awesome service from you. That you fully appreciate that they expect (and deserve) to get super products and services. And of course, that you wouldn’t expect them to refer anyone BUT someone offering super products and services to their friends and colleagues.

“Getting referrals” is a very proactive “marketing” process.

Getting referrals requires effort and time.

The rewards can be very profitable from two angles. One you spend less money on marketing.  Two, when you are referred, your referrer has helped a friend save time, money and the trouble of interviewing many suppliers to find just the right fit.

Now, go out and start getting more referrals

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