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Secret Covert Marketing

Why it’s important that your marketing reach your future clients privately? Discover Secret Covert Marketing Continue reading

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Two Sides of the Sales Sphere

Most businesses profit more from additional sales than they do from a first sale. For that reason, it’s important to know whether you want a customer for the long term or if you’re making a one-shot sale. Continue reading

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What Is And How Can Stealth Marketing Be Your Most Profitable Marketing…

How important is it to you that your marketing efforts reach your customers privately so that your competition has no idea what you are doing? Continue reading

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Scientific Advertising Chapters 20 – 21

Claude Hopkins ”Perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind to ever walk the planet. He took the principles we all use to catapult our businesses to new heights. The difference is we are using technology, while he used the pen and paper. He was a mastermind marketer and one of the world’s most savvy advertisers. Everyone can learn a million lessons from reading and re-reading Scientific Advertising.
Continue reading

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A Few Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Tidbit And Marketing Secrets That Promise To Save You Time And Money

The following secrets are not in any order. Each is valuable on it own or combined with other secrets. I highly recommend that you do combine them because when combine your multiply there strength. — Provide high level proof that … Continue reading

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