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Secret Covert Marketing

Why it’s important that your marketing reach your future clients privately? Discover Secret Covert Marketing Continue reading

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What do you do, to get your clients fired up?

How do you create emotional marĀ­keting? Continue reading

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How To Reproduce and Repurpose Your Profitable Marketing Ideas

Have you run newspapers and magazines ads? How about blog posts? Are there any articles that have been written about you, about your business, or about your products and services? People may be impressed when these articles and ads run the first time, but how many of them are ever seen again by the public?
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Will Your Marketing Battle Plan Survive First Contact With Your Competitors?

Marketing plans, advertising efforts, marketing calendars, logos and branding – even our products, services and ideas, themselves – are our weapons. And, collectively, we are always trying our best to make sure that our weapons and stratagem are bigger, better and stronger than those of our ‘enemies’.
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#1 Dangerous Marketing Trend – Me-Me-Me…

“I can do it myself” said the frustrated business owner. Let’s face it, it’s hard for a business owner to give up a responsibility in his/her business for fear of it not being completed or a variation of staggering reasons. … Continue reading

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Secret No. 32: You’re Perfect. Aren’t You?

You can’t learn if you don’t kick into action. Continue reading

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