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Why it’s important that your marketing reach your future clients privately? Discover Secret Covert Marketing

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How do you create emotional mar­keting?

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Have you run newspapers and magazines ads? How about blog posts? Are there any articles that have been written about you, about your business, or about your products and services? People may be impressed when these articles and ads run the first time, but how many of them are ever seen again by the public?

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Marketing plans, advertising efforts, marketing calendars, logos and branding – even our products, services and ideas, themselves – are our weapons. And, collectively, we are always trying our best to make sure that our weapons and stratagem are bigger, better and stronger than those of our ‘enemies’.

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“I can do it myself” said the frustrated business owner.
Let’s face it, it’s hard for a business owner to give up a responsibility in his/her business for fear of it not being completed or a variation of staggering reasons.
Most entrepreneurs treat their business as if it was their own children and it’s hard to just let anyone take care of your kids…right.
This is why it’s important when considering to outsource a function within your business that you are comfortable with that company and that they have your best interest at heart.
However we live in an outsourced world.
More and more companies are looking to outsource certain functions of their business so they can focus on running the business better.
Companies are outsourcing their HR department, Billing, Client Service, Advertising & Marketing, Project Management, Payroll, Accounting, Distribution and a host of other functions.
Reducing costs may not be the only reason to consider outsourcing, however for most this is the ideal situation.
There are many benefits to outsourcing:
•    Focus on your core business!
•    Reduce risk in most cases!
•    Compete with big businesses!
•    Focus on other projects!
•    Increase overall efficiency!
My company for example will handle a company’s entire marketing and advertising needs from strategic market planning to total implementation to finding out what makes your client’s love you.
This in essence frees up your company from having to either higher someone for this particular position which the average salary being a little over $75,000 per year, plus benefits.

Or, having to hire an ad agency who’s primary goal is to sell expensive media and win awards that make them look good and lead to more client’s for them.

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You can’t learn if you don’t kick into action.

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