What do you do, to get your clients fired up?

Emotional Appeal Secret No 102…

We have been told over and over again in business that people make buying decisions emotionally, and then rationalize their choices intellectually.

Emotions can stir up more sales than logic ever will!

So why is it that most marketing fails to stimulate a poten­tial buyers’ emotions?

Remember that people will usual­ly buy your products/services only when the purchase will help them to gain some advantage or to avoid a loss.

The question is: How do you create emotional mar­keting?

Try starting by loading your marketing efforts up with as many life-enhancing benefits as you possibly can.

Appeal to your prospect’s greed, fears, laziness, sex/love, pain (physical and emotional), habits, insecuri­ties, ego and fame.

“Your intellect may be confused,
but your emotions will never lie to you.”
– Roger Ebert

The following five steps will help you to start creating great marketing messages:

  1. Get attention! Bang them over the head! Common, boring marketing will not break through the daily clutter.
  2. Arouse interest and emotion! Make a strong case. Tease them! Taunt them! Worry them!
  3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way. Everyone loves a good story.
  4. Offer your prospects an incentive to act NOW. (Make a “Time-Limited” Offer They Can’t Refuse)
  5. Ask your prospects to take action, and make it easy for them to give you their money.
    Accept all credit cards, as well as checks, cash, Paypal or possibly even trade.
    Do anything you can to make the decision to buy easier for your prospect/client.

What are you going to do to appeal to your prospects emotional interests?


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