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Read More Marketing Books or Don’t…

Why Read More Marketing Books? Why Not? Being able to easily get and read more books is a great bi-product of the information age having access to ideas and input of many successful business thinkers and achievers for a nominal … Continue reading

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Sales Calls On Fire Demo Ready and…

The Personal Sales Motivation and Metrics Mobile App for Sales and Marketing Professionals.
Calls On Fire will help millions of Sales and Marketing Professionals keep track of their personal sales activity/behavior and goals progress in real-time and positively motivate each one to reach their goals without all the typical confusion and frustration of using existing CRM tools.

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What do you do, to get your clients fired up?

How do you create emotional marĀ­keting? Continue reading

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Devil Lives in the Detail; Be Kind to the Deadline

So you have your marketing plan, marketing calendar, marketing ideas, and, hopefully, marketing yourself, advertising plan together and a punctual person to hire. You are well on your way to having the foundation to a successful way to market you and your business. Continue reading

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Secret No.44: Use It Or Lose It …

If you don’t lose it you’ll lose it. Use your new knowledge fast or you may never will. Continue reading

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You…

Can you ever say “Thank You” too much? Everyone loves to know they are appreciated. The right gift lets your clients know that their friendship and business is important to you and helps cement your relationship. The best client gift … Continue reading

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Secret No. 34: Do You Have Attitude?

Does your business communicate a positive attitude? Do you have a written “Mission Statement” that explains what your business is about? Does this statement represent the vision, purpose, and aspirations that your business communicates to the world? More importantly, do … Continue reading

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Secret No. 11: What Makes Your Business, Products, And Services Unique?

What Makes Your Business, Products, And Services Unique? It is very important to think in terms of what your business can do for the prospective customer. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the first marketing effort that you should think … Continue reading

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