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Who else thinks their first sale is the most important sale?

Get them in the door the first time. If you can do that and you add value to their lives, then you know they will return and you will profit in the future. So some of your marketing efforts should be designed to “hook” the first time buyer. Continue reading

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Networking Sucks. Webinars & Teleseminars Crash. Marketing is Math. Maybe. Maybe Not.

Ideas from networking and joint venturing to honoring and doing simple math. Most of these ideas can be done with your investment of time and effort. Continue reading

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Do You Make This Website Contact Mistake?

How happy are you with the quantity and quality of the contacts you receive from your Web site? Continue reading

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You…

Can you ever say “Thank You” too much? Everyone loves to know they are appreciated. The right gift lets your clients know that their friendship and business is important to you and helps cement your relationship. The best client gift … Continue reading

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Secret No. 37: Why Did You Lose Your Last Client?

Why did you lose your last ten clients? How often has this question been asked by you, your boss, your sales manager, or someone else? The only one who really knows the answer is your former client. So, why don’t … Continue reading

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Secret No. 23: How Many Times Have You Hung Up The Phone Because You Were Put Into Voice Mail?

I’m sure that you’ve made a call and been forced to listen to the following recorded message: “Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available Customer Service representative.” Many business operations have been automated at the … Continue reading

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Secret No. 22: How Important Are Your Online Clients To You And Your Business?

Many businesses set up an online presence and then forget about customer service. Too many times they take days or weeks to respond to client and prospect questions. Even worse, sometimes they forget entirely. One great way to set your … Continue reading

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