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Is being an entrepreuner a blessing or a curse?

Do you feel that being in business for yourself is a blessing? If not, stop and think about this: In what other part of your life can you go out on a limb, pursue your dreams, and meet your fears … Continue reading

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Networking Sucks. Webinars & Teleseminars Crash. Marketing is Math. Maybe. Maybe Not.

Ideas from networking and joint venturing to honoring and doing simple math. Most of these ideas can be done with your investment of time and effort. Continue reading

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Entrepreneur’s Toolbox to Help You to Market Your Business

An “Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” includes things that must be within the prospective entrepreneur’s very person but also; external tools, vision, and self-trust. Continue reading

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5 Ways To Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

If you are a B2B business looking for a few ways to stretch your marketing dollars, here are 5 to get you stretching. Continue reading

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Secret No. 14: How Much Money And Time Do You Spend To Bring In A New Client?

How Much Money And Time Do You Spend To Bring In A New Client? An even more important question to ask is, “Do you know the ‘Life Time Value (LV)’ of that client?” Very few business owners take the time … Continue reading

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