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Will the wrong list will kill even the best marketing?

You can write the perfect headline, opening paragraph and subheads. Make the perfect offer. Make it to the wrong list and the chances of it working are slim or none. Continue reading

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Networking Sucks. Webinars & Teleseminars Crash. Marketing is Math. Maybe. Maybe Not.

Ideas from networking and joint venturing to honoring and doing simple math. Most of these ideas can be done with your investment of time and effort. Continue reading

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Who Will Buy Your Professional Services?

Discover exactly who will want to buy your professional services.
What the perfect future client will be. How to get to your perfect future client. And, a few simple marketing strategies and tactics and why the CXO can be your biggest help.
Continue reading

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Secret No. 37: Why Did You Lose Your Last Client?

Why did you lose your last ten clients? How often has this question been asked by you, your boss, your sales manager, or someone else? The only one who really knows the answer is your former client. So, why don’t … Continue reading

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Secret No. 9: Who Is In Your Sights?

Who Is In Your Sights? Understanding that you can’t market to everyone is very important to your business survival. To many business owners want to market to anyone who can steam a mirror. But you can’t afford to market to … Continue reading

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Secret No. 25: What Details Do You Know About Your Newest Client?

Do you know any of the “little things?” Do you know her birthday? Do you know the name of his spouse or kids? How about hometown, favorite store, or favorite sport? What about your client’s hobbies? Do you have similar … Continue reading

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Secret No. 6: What Is The Most Important And Valuable Asset That Your Business Has?

Is it the beautiful building in which you are located? Is it the money that you have in your business account at the bank? Is it all of the products on your merchandising shelves? Is it the stock in your … Continue reading

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Bonus Secret No 101: Which Sale Is The Most Important One You Will Ever Get From A Client?

I’ll bet you’re thinking it’s your first sale with a new client. You’ll be surprised to find out that a secondtime buyer is at least twice as likely to buy from you again, when compared to a first time buyer. … Continue reading

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