Secret No. 9: Who Is In Your Sights?

Who Is In Your Sights?

Understanding that you can’t market to everyone is very important to your business survival.

To many business owners want to market to anyone who can steam a mirror.

But you can’t afford to market to anyone who can steam a mirror.

You don’t want to waste your valu­able time and marketing dollars.

There are people who won’t want what you are selling and perhaps others who can’t afford it.

It is a lot easier to sell to people who already have bought a similar product and either want more of it or want a different or improved version.

Known users of products/services like yours are easy to locate in your library’s reference database. They also can be located on the Internet, in the many news groups, on-line groups or blogs to which people with specific interests belong.

Find these groups. The people who belong to them are “high ­purchase probability” prospects.

“As I grow older,
I pay less attention to what men say.
I just watch what they do” ­

Andrew Carnegie

Get your hands on a contact list of people you know for sure, want and can afford what you are offering, then start your marketing process.

Do whatever it takes to reach these contacts.

Who wants what you are offering?

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