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Scientific Advertising Chapters 6-10

Claude Hopkins—Perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind to ever walk the planet. He took the principles we all use to catapult our businesses to new heights. The difference is we are using technology, while he used the pen and paper. He was a mastermind marketer and one of the world’s most savvy advertisers. Everyone can learn a million lessons from reading and re-reading Scientific Advertising. Continue reading

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Do You Need A “Kick-In-The-Butt”

Find an advisor whom you trust to keep you motivated and on track toward reaching your business goals. This should be someone who is willing (and has the “authority”) to get you moving. If you need someone to help motivate you, give me a call. I will be happy to give you a motivational push. Continue reading

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Twenty-One Days or Bust…

21 days and the knowledge you just learned is gone, unless you use what you learned. Knowledge is power. Continue reading

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Secret No.44: Use It Or Lose It …

If you don’t lose it you’ll lose it. Use your new knowledge fast or you may never will. Continue reading

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