Your New Year Marketing Checkup Checklist. 9 Quick Tips…

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteHere are 9 Quick Tips checklist to help you get your 2019 marketing program off to a clean start.

Quick Tip #1. Update your Copyright notice on your website and info products.

Quick Tip #2. Check your opt-in forms to be sure that they are working.

Quick Tip #3. Review your marketing sequence/auto-responder letters to be sure that there are no 2018 or other date-sensitive items.

Quick Tip #4. Update your marketing calendar to reflect any changes that you’ve “just done” in 2018. Now is a great time to update your plan with the changes that you’ve made throughout the year.

Quick Tip #5. Review your marketing metrics (you did measure your marketing, right?) and see what worked well and what didn’t and what might be fading and make your necessary changes.

Quick Tip #6. Review your website content keywords for relevance. Keyword popularity changes quick so take some time now and review your content keywords, meta keywords, and your meta descriptions.

Quick Tip #7. Check your links and images on your website. Make sure that everything is working.

Quick Tip #8. Look at your last years’ goals and your accomplishments. What’s working? What’s not working. What’s missing? And what’s next?

Quick Tip #9. Clean up your list. Your Opt-outs, bounces, etc. Remove these from your list.

Enjoy and wishing you good health, joy and lots of love in 2019 and beyond.

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