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Scientific Advertising Chapters 11-14

Perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind to ever walk the planet. He took the principles we all use to catapult our businesses to new heights. The difference is we are using technology, while he used the pen and paper. He was a mastermind marketer and one of the world’s most savvy advertisers. Everyone can learn a million lessons from reading and re-reading Scientific Advertising.
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7 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

Discover 7 simple questions to ask to help speed up creating your next marketing plan. The what, where, when, who and how you’ll want to know before you start your marketing plan. Continue reading

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Secret No. 35: Where Are Your Hidden Business Profits?

Where are your business profits invested? In the stock market? Capital equipment? Gold? Real estate? Treasure Chest In the Attic? Collectibles? Or, are they invested back into the marketing of your business? Yes, this is a personal question! From childhood, … Continue reading

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Secret No. 31: Creating YOUR Top 10 List To Help You Sell More Of Your…

Whats on your top 10 list. Continue reading

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