Is it my ego, or is it me?

Is it my ego, or is it me… I don’t know which it could be…

In 1973, I had some friends who started a rock and roll band and wrote the line above for a song with the same title. The line has stuck with me forever. I may be the only person on Earth who has a cassette recording of that song. But it makes a good point.

As far back as I can remember, my parents and teachers tried to teach me over and over again to be humble, to not brag or boast. I didn’t listen. I have been called egotistical, arrogant, and several other unflattering things in my life. I always make it a point to say thank you to the person that does this name-calling. To quote Will Rogers: If you done it, ain’t bragging.

The point I want to make here is that I don’t understand why people won’t tell the world about their accomplishments. It’s not wrong to be proud, if you’ve produced something good! In fact, it’s very positive behavior to tell about your accomplishments. It helps prepare you to try other things in life. For example, when your marketing effort proves successful, then you will be more likely to try something else.

Optimism, and egotism, will help you to get over the barriers that may appear to be blocking your path to success. Your ego helps raise your self-esteem, and the higher your self-esteem rises, the better you will feel about what you are doing. You may also find that the more confident you feel about yourself, the more confidence other people will have in you. This can lead to greater accomplishments in your life.

It’s vitally important that you believe you can achieve your goals. If you truly believe, then you will not let anyone or anything stand in your way. To act in this way takes a strong ego, and so you need to work to develop and strengthen your ego.

How strongly do you feel that both you and your business will be successful?

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