Proof, Confirmation and Marketing Success

Proof, Confirmation and Marketing Success

When was the last time you saw an ad on TV and believed all of its claims?

Let’s face it. We’re slammed each day with so many marketing messages that we stop believing most of them.

It’s easy to become anesthetized to the onslaught of infomercials, email blasts, and radio spots from corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

But, as a business owner, have you taken a close look at how you are presenting your wares to your target audience?

If you’re not providing proof that your product or service claims are true, your marketing efforts may be experiencing the same level of disbelief.

The following back-to-basics tips can help you better analyze your goods to help you win the game.

So how do you make your marketing messages more believable? Start by taking a closer look at the benefits of your products or services.

Think of how you can prove those benefits exist by asking yourself the following:

  • What are the strongest reasons for people to believe I’ll deliver on my promise?
  • How much more specific can I be?
  • What solid proof have I offered showing what I claim is true?
  • How can I strengthen my guarantees?
  • Is there a way to demonstrate my product/service in action?
  • Can I get a celebrity endorsement?

Implement your answers to your marketing plan and you are well on your way to providing the proof that you can deliver the benefits people expect.

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