Why Stop Someone From Talking To Themselves?

How many silent conversations do you have with yourself in a day?

talk-to-yourselfPsychologists have proven that everybody holds a constant, ongoing conversation with himself or her­self in his/her own head.

These silent conversations are always being interrupted by distractions: the phone rings, someone walks by the door, the kids are fighting, dogs bark, etc.

The point here is that, if you want to get someone’s attention, then you have to create an inter­ruption in his/her “self talk.”

In fact, you have to keep on interrupting them, until you get their total attention.

Your  marketing effort has to stop a prospect right then and there.

If your headline and offer doesn’t get them to pull out their credit card immediately, then likely you have lost the sale.

You have to capture the full attention of a prospect or you will lose the opportunity to make any future profits from him/her.

If someone sets aside your marketing messge without taking any action, (“I’ll save it and get back to it later”) then chances are slim that they will ever see or hear or respond to it ever.

It may get tossed into a save folder, or covered up by other papers or by something else. Eventually finding its way into the trash.

Advertising and marketing are extreme interruptions in most people’s life, so your headline and offer has to get deep into a person’s silent thoughts.

You want your prospect to think silently to him/herself, “I’ve got to know more about this prod­uct/service now.” If your message doesn’t do this, then your marketing effort or headline or offer is ineffective.

Perhaps your prospect doesn’t want what you are selling, or perhaps they simply can’t afford your prod­ucts/services.

Either way their silent, personal, internal conversation will make the final decision. It is up to you to stop them dead in their tracks, make your best offer, and persuade them to make a positive decision—NOW!

What silent “conversations” are your prospects having about your products/ services?

How can you make sure that those conversations are positive?

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