Secret No. 2: Do You Have A Magic Marketing Wand?

Do you have a magic marketing wand?

Many business owners treat marketing as if it was something magical, and not subject to a systematic approach or extensive planning like the other parts of their business.

I have studied marketing and the masters who have created successful marketing efforts over the past 121 years. I assure you, there is nothing magical about marketing.

Every successful marketing campaign is planned, created, tested, and, most importantly, implemented, very specifically.

Just ike having a road map to see where you are headed.

Without careful plans and a road map, business growth is very hard to predict.

“The system is the solution.”
– AT&T advertisement

However, when you have plans in place, you can measure the results of your marketing efforts.

This allows you to step up marketing to produce business growth. If a particular campaign doesn’t work, you are aware of it right away and can focus on trying something else. Unless, of course, you have a magic wand!

A great way to begin planning is to create a 52-week marketing calendar.
Plan your marketing efforts for each week of the year.

Remember that every marketing idea doesn’t need to be a grand scheme.

It could be as simple as printing new business cards or placing flyers on cars.

Keep in mind that anything you do to keep your existing clients coming back or to bring new clients through your doors is better than doing nothing at all.

What are you doing to map out your future marketing efforts?

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