Secret No. 5: How Does Your Business Stand Out From The Growing, Charging, And Always Changing Herd?

Does your business have a personality?

“Branding” simply means creating a personality for your business —giving it a unique look, feel, taste, touch, sound, smell, texture, color, or even typeface.

Branding also means using every opportunity to give your business a consistent theme and a “stand¬out” look. Having a recognizable brand is essential to surviving in today’s business environment.

Brand recognition alone may not be enough to get people to buy your products/services. People need reasons to buy. You have to ingrain your brand image into their brains by associating your brand with a positive feeling. When you do, people will remember your prod¬ucts/services and will feel good about buying from you.

Getting your business noticed in an inexpensive way is very possible if you are a clever business owner who is motivated to create a brand for yourself.

First, you can create and perfect your very own brand in your local market and then decide if you want to expand.

Most small businesses don’t have the marketing budget that the giant corporations have to spend on their brand image.

If you have a little money, a lot of chutzpah, and know how to harness the magic of low¬cost or free publicity and promotions, you can make your brand and business stand out!

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product and service and that bring friends with them.” ­
W. Edwards Deming

Make the invisible visible.

Make your business an obsession.

Take every opportunity, no matter how small, to talk about your business. This will get you noticed.

It’s important to make the media aware of you, your business, and its brand image. You have to make your­self available. Use the free publicity that the media can offer to spread your marketing message and expand your brand recognition to a wider market.

What are you doing to give your business a positive image?

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