Secret No. 4: Do You Have Millions To Spend On Marketing?

Do You Have Millions To Spend On Marketing?

I didn’t think so!

Now, forget all that you may know already about marketing. What they teach in the marketing classes at colleges and at business schools does not always work well in the “real world.”

The standard approach of many advertising agencies lacks effectiveness when applied on a small business scale. This approach ONLY benefits companies with millions of marketing dollars. Typically, a “Corporate Marketing Strategy” is not what small businesses want or need.

In order to market your business effectively, you must learn to develop programs that take advantage of marketing secrets that your competitors have not learned.

You must adapt to new ideas in marketing and use your brain more than your checkbook. You absolutely MUST be creative.

Finally, you have to learn to compete on many different levels in order to survive and prosper.

“Profit in business comes from
repeat customers, customers that boast
about your product and service
and that bring friends with them.”

– W. Edwards Deming

In future blog posts we’ll look at new and “secret” methods of marketing.

Since few of your competitors use these secret marketing methods, you can leave them in the dust. Any one of these secrets could help you to bring in all of the money that you want to earn in your business. When you combine them, who knows how far you could go?

Which secrets will bring you closer to your dreams?

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