Thank You Jay…

Thank you, Jay

My friend, colleague and marketing mentor Jay Conrad Levinson just passed away yesterday. He was eighty years young.

Jay wrote one of the very first marketing books for small businesses and was the father of Guerrilla Marketing. He created the best known marketing brand that’s been around for as long as I can remember.

Jay wrote and inspired multiple Guerrilla Marketing titles and sold over 21 million books. An incredible legacy.

He change the way millions of business people thought about marketing and the importance of not wasting a dime on marketing that does not work.

But most of all, I want to thank Jay for being a very generous person. He always said yes to any request for help.  He always shared his experience and taught what he knew in such a positive way that you were uplifted by his enthusiasm, kindness and spirit.

Once you got Jay going, his stories soared you to new heights, with valuable lessons in each. And Jay had hundreds of interesting stories.

I cannot thank Jay enough for helping promote my first book “97 Marketing Secrets To Make More Money. The two times he invited me on to his weekly radio show he knew just the right questions to ask and how the to get the best out of all his guests. In fact, Jay humbly titled me Mr. Marketing Plan during one of our interviews promoting

We’ll miss you and your unstoppable enthusiasm for life, Jay.

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