Secret No. 8: How Many Eggs Are In Your Basket?

How Many Eggs Are In Your Basket?

It is much too risky for a wise business owner to rely on only one type of market­ing.

What would happen if it failed? A business owner could lose his or her shirt and be driven out of business!

Even a very successful single marketing campaign can have pitfalls.

If a business owner clings too tightly to a single campaign (no matter how successful), then s/he might never find out what other methods of promotion could prove to work as well—or even better—than the one upon whom s/he is relying.

It’s far safer and wiser to devote a portion of your precious resources (money and time) to each of several different marketing projects. Channeling your resources to various promotional efforts allows you to have multi­ple points of marketing “impact” at the same time.

If any one effort fails, the remaining projects can continue working to keep the flow of new prospects and ongoing business coming through your door.

“When an archer misses the mark
he turns and looks for the fault within himself.
Failure to hit the bulls­ eye is never the fault of the target.” ­

Gilbert Arland

Too many businesses use only one or maybe two ways to attract new clients.

How many times have you see this. A business first opens its doors, the owner will place a few mediocre advertisements in the local paper and then expect that they will generate a lot of traffic. This rarely is the result.

People don’t go out of their way to shop somewhere unfamiliar unless the business offers something so unique or valuable that it would succeed regardless of the marketing effort used.

Believe me, this doesn’t hap­pen very often!

Here’s what will work together to produce greatly increased profits for your business:

Four or five pro­grams designed to bring in new customers; six or more marketing efforts designed to sell to existing clients; and the use of “up­sell” and “back­end” product offerings.

The Seven Musts of marketing include personal contacts, direct mail, Internet marketing, company brochures, advertising, public relations, and the education of clients.

Don’t rely on just one single program.

Diversify and grow!

How many different ways is your business reaching its market?

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