Secret No. 18: Napoleon’s "Next" Secret

Napoleon’s “Next” Secret

The story goes like this:

A few days after a big battle, a group of Napoleon’s officers came to him requesting that one of their own be promoted to the rank of captain.

“Why is it that you suggest this man be promoted?” asked Napoleon. His officers proceeded to explain the man’s brilliance in battle strategy and how he had won an important battle a few days before.

“Great” answered Napoleon, “But what did he do the next day?”

Isn’t it far more important to plan for what you are going to do next than it is to dwell on what you have done already?

After a marketing success and, especially, after a marketing failure, you must ask yourself, “What am I going to do next?”

I continually encourage my clients to create a 52-week marketing plan.

When you have a plan, a guide, or a road map for your marketing efforts and you follow it, you always will be ready for whatever you need to do next to generate more business.

Having a plan and following it will help your business and will keep a steady flow of new prospects that you can convert to clients.

You always must be prospecting for new business, either from existing clients or from targeted prospects.

Your marketing plan will help you to do this.

“Wisdom oft times consists of knowing what to do next.”
Herbert Hoover

Like a lot of business owners, I often am guilty of not sticking to the plans that I have made. In fact, as I write these secrets, I am not out prospecting for new business as much as I should be.

Although I have enjoyed writing this book immensely, I need to get back to following my plans quickly. Otherwise, I will pay the price very soon.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Follow your plans. Be ready for your next move.

Where is your 52-week marketing calendar? If you don’t have one, you have work to do!

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