What “Big News” do you use to promote your business?

What's your Big News?Is there a big event happening locally, regionally, statewide, nationally or even internationally that you could associate your business with? I am always consid­ering how newsworthy events can be incorporated into my marketing.

As I write this post the United States is in the middle of a Presidential Election year.

In such a situation you might want to ask yourself, “Is there a way that I can tie my business in with the election?”


Try this: Make a ballot that includes several of your most popular products and/or services. Select and publicize a grand prize that your clients would appreciate.

Now, start asking your clients and/or prospects choose their favorite product/service from the ballot and place the ballot card in a raffle or drawing box. (Along the way you will find that people are buying your products/services.)

Draw a contest winner at random from the ballots you accumu­late.

When the contest is over, send a certificate for a “2 for 1,” or “come in for a free gift” award to everyone that entered your contest. This will increase your sales and profits even more.

And, most important, don’t forget to keep the names and addresses of the people who entered on file for use in future marketing efforts.

“The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper.”
– Thomas Jefferson

You can reap an additional profit from this type of marketing effort. The way to do this is by keeping a record of which products your customers consistently “voted” for. You can offer those products more frequent­ly in future promotions.

People love to buy things that are popular, and this type of contest will show you your most popular items.

Contests can be created for any news item, holiday, or event.

There is ALWAYS some event happening that you could tie into one of your marketing efforts. If you come up with successful “tie-in” ideas, then please share them with me. I will include them in a future posts (and give you credit for them, of course).

What big news event can you “tie into” to increase sales for your business?

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